Well, the old drawing board is getting an unusual amount of wear lately… and I’m glad! Exactly a week after XRay 1.0.6, I’m now announcing XRay 1.0.7. This has several bug fixes and new features, runs on both Jaguar and Panther, and can be invoked from the Finder by selecting an item and typing Command-Shift-X. More details in the release notes. Please post comments and suggestions to the XRay support forum.

About 4000 people have downloaded 1.0.6 so far. Since only a fraction of users (perhaps 1 in 5?) check compulsively for a new version every week, I estimate that there are about 20000 regular or occasional users around… I don’t have exact numbers for 10.0.5 downloads, but I think about 40000 copies were downloaded from my site and a few mirrors, and dozens of shareware CDs are around with 1.0.5 on them. So I’d estimate, again, that perhaps 1 in 5 users that try XRay will keep on using it regularly, and 1 in 10 of those have registered. From what I know, that’s way above the industry average. Thanks to all of you!