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Looks like I’ll be attending the Apple Expo in Paris in two weeks, much to my surprise. The nice folks at Macmania magazine are sponsoring part of the trip. I’m going with my “Press” hat, so expect to see some updates from the press room during the expo.

Time to brush up on my French… I had 3 years of French in school and actually did quite well, but then English moved in and occupied (it seems) more or less the same neurons. I still can read and pronounce it, and understand about 50% of French movies icon_wink.gif.

It’s been at least 5 or 6 years since my last non-developer Mac-related conference/expo. I must admit I grew disillusioned with the marketeering aspects of the old MacWorld expos. Let’s see if the French do it any better. The published list of exhibitors isn’t all that inspiring, but hopefully Steve Jobs will announce something interesting at the keynote.

Regarding the keynote, informed guessers say we’ll see a new 15″ PowerBook (aluminum), a speed boost for the 12″ and 17″ models, and some music-related stuff: music store for Europe and/or Windows, and possibly some iPod news.

More later…

I wrote this link down some days ago and can’t find where I saw it, sorry. But there’s some funny stuff here… I particularly like the third one from the top, “Beware of the <chomp>”.

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