Venerable net curmudgeon Uncle Al‘s learned alter ego, Dr. Schund, waxes poetically on this subject:

…The human mind is expansively more than the sum of it physical anatomy. The four pounds of its 100 billion neurons and their trillions of synapses, supporting astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, blood vessels and whatnot, are far too coarse a fabric to contain its obvious contents. The warp and weft of its weave are deeply fractal. At its base there flutters quantum mechanical indeterminacy gushing unending stochastic input into a spiraling ascent. Passing through virtual and physical anatomical filters the raw stuff of human awareness, randomness, is shaped and selected. The idiot noise of creation itself is sculpted into the pleasure of a cool summer night shared with a mate and the vague uneasiness that led a primitive ancestor to grasp a rock when its own fist proved insufficient to conquer a planet.

Well said.