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Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

Several modern browsers seem to be dropping the “www.” in front of domain names under certain circumstances (like auto-completion), so I was getting a certain volume of complaints that while worked, / fell through into my provider’s default page instead of redirecting or providing a 404, as is customary.

Yesterday I finally got through to support, and they promptly misunderstood, taking completely off the air (but making / work correctly).

Due to several circumstances I was off the net until today in the morning, when I was shocked to see what happened, and am now trying to have them fix it ASAP. If you’re seeing the “www.” in front of the URL, this has been fixed.

My apologies for the mixup…

Why would people even use the www prefix? It’s typing out a subdomain that is not needed at all. It’s just as silly as having or having your mail server be It’s extra DNS work that could have been avoided had subdomains been used as what they were intended to be used for (mainly pointing to different physical machines all serving the same domain, useful for large insistutions like colleges, businesses, and such).

But I do like what you’ve done here with the blog and phpBB and including the entire trackback thing. I like it.