Some interesting advertising from Europe. On the very first day, inside Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, we ran into this specimen of Lepidoptera Centrinia advertising for Intel. Brrh… I’m glad I have a Mac…

I found this in a small town before München, advertising for a print service bureau:

the left vertical text means “Large formats” and the top horizontal text means “Digital Press”. 😆

This ad was in the Berlin subway. It’s for a campaign pleading “more time for kids”:

and the text says: “Take at least 3x every day: Mom and Dad. Active ingredients: love, trust, recognition, fun”. Cute…

We ended up with some matchboxes with ads from various hotels, but I didn’t want to take them on the plane, as they’re on the list of proscribed items. So I took a picture:

The small matches are only about 15mm long, I certainly didn’t try to strike one.