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Most of the time I read news and other weblogs over their RSS feeds in NetNewsWire, but every so often it pays to look at the real thing in a browser.

Nick “taliesin” Barrett posted some nice things about me on his weblog (thanks!); he’s on my blogroll, but I decided to check out his own recommendations. The theory is that anyone who likes my own writings will probably link to other interesting sites…

…and I hit paydirt on the first one I tried. missingmatter: the other 95% of the universe links to dozens of great articles about particle physics, astronomy, space exploration, robots, number theory, and so on. Highly recommended.

Just found out that Dan Frakes is recommending XRay in his TidBITS article. This accounts for the recent traffic peak icon_wink.gif. Thanks, Dan!

More insightful articles on the Apple Music Store…

Erik J. Barzeski lists “the ‘little things’ the iTunes Music Store does right”.

Tim Bray comments on technical details of Apple’s use of URIs and XML.

Jon Rentzsch seems to have deduced how Apple is handling the micropayments problem for credit card orders. Bill Bumgarner has more insights.

Michael Tsai links to several more articles and comments.

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