Preparations for our trip are in progress. Dorinha has gotten the (relatively expensive) Czech visa, which is the only one she’ll need; as a German citizen, I don’t need any. Passports are in order, and plane tickets also. It turned out that our agent (Fátima at Portal Viagens) managed to squeeze the flights between Belo Horizonte and São Paulo into the KLM ticket at practically no extra cost! Kudos to Fátima and KLM.

After some initial difficulties in contacting other members of the far-flung Brockerhoff clan, it seems that a general family meeting is scheduled in Düsseldorf for Saturday, June 28th. I’ll post the exact time and address soon…

Because of the meeting, it looks like we’ll drive counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, so the probable sequence is now: Frankfurt, Ingelheim, probably Konstanz, Vienna, Budapest, Brno, Prague, Dresden, Berlin and Düsseldorf, then back to Frankfurt.

I’m not taking my iBook, so I’ll depend on Internet cafés to keep up-to-date. My new digital camera is supposed to arrive this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to post photos as soon as I come back.