Dave Pollard nearly a week ago selected several excellent tips from Richard Moran’s book Beware Those Who Ask for Feedback. They’re worth quoting:

    07. People who ask for feedback are usually really asking for validation.
    49. Never gossip, entertain gossip or do things that give rise to gossip.
    57. Work always gravitates to the most competent.
    59. Low-hanging fruit almost always turns out to have been already picked.
    71. Never confuse making people happy with doing what needs to be done.
    98. There is no relationship between morale and organizational success.
    110. If you get a below-average performance rating, change departments, supervisors, or jobs.
    143. If employees don’t like your system or process, it won’t get implemented.
    181. There are no communication, turnover or morale ‘problems’. They are all symptoms of management problems. Fix the problem, not the symptom.
    195. When an initiative begins with a series of posters, it’s already in trouble.
    250. When giving a presentation, think of what people will remember. That’s no more than two things.
    285. Never expect total honesty in front of the boss.
    335. Make someone’s life easier. It always pays dividends.