Here are reactions to the Apple Music Store. I’ll update this post a few times today, as more stuff comes in.

Adam Curry (who lives in Amsterdam) also wants the store to work outside the US. So does Ben Hammersley (UK). So does Dan Hon (Scotland). Joi Ito (Japan) has to trick the system every time – it seems that they didn’t really consider the case of people living outside the US but having a credit card with a US billing address.

Tom Negrino bought a song and points out that it’s marked “purchased by: Tom Negrino”.

Bill Bumgarner comments that an already purchased song can’t be downloaded again, making backups mandatory. He liked most everything else, though, and points out that extending the service to other countries will require complex separate negotiations for each one, as I had suspected. And he starts an important new trend: recommending songs via iTunes URLs. I haven’t figured out how he gets those URLs, though…

Jeremy Zawodny would like Apple to figure out his tastes from his existing music library. Sounds like an excellent idea.