No kidding; here are details:

Sources at the Security and Exchange Commission confirm that 44-year-old Andrew Carlssin offered the bizarre explanation for his uncanny success in the stock market after being led off in handcuffs on January 28…

“…the fact is, with an initial investment of only $800, in two weeks’ time he had a portfolio valued at over $350 million. Every trade he made capitalized on unexpected business developments, which simply can’t be pure luck.”

…Carlssin declared that he had traveled back in time from over 200 years in the future, when it is common knowledge that our era experienced one of the worst stock plunges in history.

…”No one can find any record of any Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere before December 2002.”

Stay tuned for developments!

Update: Well, this story now claims the whole thing is a freshly-minted urban myth. A pity; any other outcome would have been more interesting…