My translation of WoE has been republished in 3 more places:

Yahoo! Notícias – Tecnologia


Play – entretenimento eletrônico

My thanks to Renata Aquino of Magnet!

A print version will appear in the May 2003 issue of Revista W.

French and Hebrew translations are now up, joining Italian.

New links: VentoNegro, Lorrene at Apenas Palavras (no permalink), Luz Fernandez at /diumtudo/, Félix Felicato at Lucubrando (in the blogroll), Cris Fernandes at livre expressão, Lisandro Gaertner at Dog God, DMadrid, Javé at Prosopopéia Ignara, Patrick Berlinck at Areias ao Vento, and last but not least MarioAV.