The original article is still #1 on TechnoRati, #1 and #2 on DayPop, and (briefly) #2 on Blogdex. Meanwhile, my translation was #30 (also briefly) on Blogdex and #1 on TopLinks.

Paolo Valdemarin wrote an Italian translation (with all proper formatting and links!).

Thanks to the folks linking to the translation: the World of Ends main site, Ronaldo Ferraz’s Superfície Reflexiva, Sinistras, Aleksander Mendes’ [LkM], Cora Rónai’s internETC., Jean Boëchat’s TelescOpica 2.5, Daniel Páduas’ The Flux, bArafuNda, Pedro Dória at no mínimo, Paulo Bicarrato’s Alfarrábio, Mahna Mahna at Don’t Believe The Hype, Edney Souza’s Informação e Inutilidade. Vicente Tardin will post a copy at WebInsider.

Doc Searls has more links to comments. Stavros the Wonder Chicken at EmptyBottle wrote a mordant satire. Russell Beatie‘s comments are wonderful. The TechnoRati link cosmos is up to 487 links!