Doc Searls and David Weinberger, co-authors of the classic Cluetrain Manifesto, did it again with World of Ends. In less than a day this article climbed to the #1 spot on indexes such as TechnoRati and DayPop. Hundreds of weblogs are already linking to it, and in a couple of days major news sites should follow.

I’ve posted a translation into Brazilian Portuguese. This was written in a hurry, so I make no claims of elegance or fidelity; both will hopefully be added during the following days. Please post comments over there if you see an error, or know a better translation for some phrase or word.

Update: Doc Searls has linked to this post and my translation. David Weinberger has posted several interesting comments he received from readers. Tim Moors published a technical paper about end-to-end design which concludes that although implementing functions at the network edge is often useful, certain others (like routing and congestion control) should not be edge-implemented. Richard Bennett calls the article a cluetrainish hallucination. BurningBird thinks the article oversimplifies the issues. Marc Canter comments at length, a must read. There are tons of other links – unfortunately TechnoRati seems to be down at the moment.