Here’s an extremely disquieting and profoundly interesting note about the 2003 WEF at Davos.

Viridian Design‘s Bruce Sterling comments a leaked e-mail from Pulitzer prize-winning science journalist Laurie Garrett:

If the U.S. unilaterally goes to war, and it is anything short of a quick surgical strike (lasting less than 30 days), the economists were all predicting extreme economic gloom: falling dollar value, rising spot market oil prices, the Fed pushing interest rates down towards zero with resulting increase in national debt, severe trouble in all countries whose currency is guaranteed against the dollar (which is just about everybody except the EU), a near cessation of all development and humanitarian programs for poor countries. Very few economists or ministers of finance predicted the world getting out of that economic funk for minimally five-10 years, once the downward spiral ensues.

Thanks to ext|circ for the link!