Posted by Seek:
Yes yes.. Thats my site…

My bad. I rebuild some pages/posts, because some of them contained static links to the old server.

In all fairness to MovableType, I could/should have deleted the suggested trackback pings, which were visible in the interface.

I did not because I thought the feature didn’t work: I had tested my trackback when I migrated to the new server 2 weeks ago and they didn’t seem to work, and I left it as that since I’m not linked to very much.

AFAIK, Trackbacks still don’t auto-discover for me on new posts made using XML RPC (I’ll have to look into that) but they apparently do for trackbacks that were already discovered.

I’m glad to see the problem is not as generalized as I thought but I’m sorry for the unintended consequences. I think you’re right in suggesting that default behaviour should not to resend pings when saving an edited post.