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Clay Shirky has a great article out, illustrating how FedEx failed with its Fax-based ZapMail service.

ZapMail was done in by several mistaken assumptions about Fax services; IMHO, most notably by not noticing that their customers would also be their competitors.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the link.

Glenn Fleishman posts more details about Apple’s recently-launched Airport Extreme (802.11g) wireless networking hardware. Thanks Glenn!

Linking bug fixed

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Just fixed a pesky bug that made links to a specific post go to the wrong page. Apologies to whoever ran into that…

Nagging bug fixed

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I fixed a bug that was, errhh… bugging me for some time. Linking to individual posts in the main weblog topic now works, and it returns to the correct place after posting, too.

I’m also checking out Apple’s new Safari browser. Practically my whole site seems to work OK, except for button placement which sometimes is off a few pixels… no great problem.


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I’ve downloaded Safari, Apple’s new web browser for Mac OS X, just after yesterday’s MacWorld keynote. Despite breaking Apple’s previous record for downloads – meaning that their servers were under an unprecedented load – it came in at full speed on my 256K ADSL connection.

Anyway, I’ve been using it quite a lot and once they fix a few bugs it should be solid enough to displace Internet Explorer for most purposes.

If you’re using Safari, you may be interested in David Hyatt’s weblog. David worked on Chimera and is now one of the principal Safari developers.

Yellow flowers

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This is a very common tree in Brazil.

Washing clothes

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Just besides the waterfall shown earlier, this lady was washing clothes the old-fashioned way: by pounding them on a stone and drying on the grass.


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This street had several similar houses in a long row…

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