Dori Smith and Tom Negrino’s Backup Brain pointed me at Kari Coleman’s article “My Psychic Adventure”. This is in the James Randi Educational Foundation Newsletter.

Worth reading; of course, people who really want to believe in this sort of thing won’t be dissuaded by logic.

From near the end:

I think I have finally found my answer to those people who tell me that skepticism takes the joy out of life, that you need God to experience morality, and that without him it’s just a heartless existence. People were happy to talk. They really just wanted someone to listen to their problems, or share their hopes and dreams. They wanted to go over funny stories about a loved one they’d lost or just sit and remember them out loud with someone. When I took away the voodoo, the fact that we had “shared” didn’t go away. There is all the joy you need in human interaction.