…yeah, right.

A report by Giga Research predicts that Apple will migrate to Intel CPUs by the end of 2003. 🙄

The fact that such silly predictions get any media space at all is well explained by Robert X. Cringely in his columns “Eating Our Seed Corn” and “The Case Against Profissionalism”. Apparently the dubious approach of “maximizing shareholder value” just in time for the next quarterly report is not only becoming standard practice – industry analysts now consider this so obvious that they downgrade companies that have a broader, long-term vision of their mission.

To get the real story, read Ars Technica‘s article about IBM’s PowerPC 970. I’ve just written a similar piece for Macmania magazine.

Early in 1984 I made my first trip to the US to buy the Macintosh 128K, which had been released a few months before. Some friends I met at the airport scoffed at the idea, saying that Apple was dying and would either fold or be acquired by General Electric. 😆

Well, more than 18 years later, Apple is still dying – and it will still be dying for many years to come. Check out MacObserver’s Apple Death Knell Counter page to keep up with the predictions of doom.