Britt Blaser’s Escapable Logic. Again, thanks to Doc Searls for the link.

Gordon Meyer’s Usable Help. Thanks to Cory Doctorow for the link.

David Weinberger’s JOHO the Blog. I can’t resist quoting A Blogger Code of UnProfessional Ethics:

My readers:

    …know me. They will judge me according to context.
    …are smart. They will not be misled by some stray comment I may happen to make.
    …are kind. They make allowances and forgive me ahead of time.

In return:

    I will speak my mind about what I care about.
    I will not revise too much or too carefully: Blogging about opera is still jazz.
    I will not anticipate and reply to every objection: Punctilliousness in pursuit of the appearance of propriety kills voice.
    If I apologize, it will be because I have actually betrayed my readers’ trust, not because I may have, might have, or could be misread as having done so.
    I pledge to keep the reading of my weblog purely optional.