Everybody even faintly interested in Copyright and intellectual property issues – which nowadays should include every Internet user – should watch Lawrence Lessig’s Blog. He’s arguing the Eldred v. Ashcroft case before the US Supreme Court.

Eldred v. Ashcroft is important even if you don’t live in the US, as most countries these days seem inclined to copycat the US stance on many issues without questioning that stance in depth. If this goes on, many everyday activities such as listening to music, writing e-mail, linking to someone’s website or watching TV may cause you to violate some law or other in some place or way you’d never think about.

As a software author I’m definitely in favor of some sort of Copyright and of a way to live for a reasonable time on the proceeds of my work. On the other hand, I think that the recent tendency to patent and protect anything and everything for an indefinite time is deplorable and should be nipped in the bud.

In this connection, I’d like to recommend Janis Ian’s website. Not only does she write great songs – she also writes great articles! Internet Debacle and its follow-up is a must for anyone who ever bought a music CD. Read the other articles too – there isn’t a dull one in the bunch.

And, of course, you must also read Courtney Love Does The Math

For the record, I Am Not A Lawyer But My Wife Is icon_smile.gif. I’m also doing some occasional court work as an expert in intellectual property cases. It’s surprisingly interesting work.