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Many thanks to Matt Neuburg for my favorite review line ever:

Like Superman swooping down out of the sky to save the day, here comes Klicko, brainchild of Rainer Brockerhoff…


Thanks to John Gruber for linking to Klicko; his original post about click-through (from 2003!) convinced me other people might like this.

Or maybe just other old-timers. User feedback so far is as expected: about 5% say “OMG marvelous!” and 95% say “What is this click-through you speak of?” icon_smile.gif

Found and fixed a few small problems in Klicko 1.0. Not enough to justify incrementing to 1.0.1, but the new build number is now 73 (the original 1.0 was 67). Please check (using the “Check for Updates…” menu item) to see if you need to update; sorry about that.

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